How to Choose a Silk Scarf

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Update time : 2022-02-16 15:12:00

1 Choose a scarf that matches your skin tone. Like any clothing, make sure that your scarf matches your skin tone. For example: match cool blues with cool skin tones, and warmer reds with a warm skin tone.

  • You can tell whether you have a warm or cool skin tone by matching jewelry to your skin. Silver goes better with a cool tone, and gold goes better with warm.
  • If the scarf matches silver better, it's a cool tone. If it matches gold, it's warm.

2 Pair your scarf with a season or style. Find a scarf that fits the mood of the season, or find a scarf that highlights the style you're trying to pull off.

  • If the scarf is warm-toned and brightly-colored, pair it with white and summer-styled pieces.
  • If the scarf is dark and black try to wear it with edgy outfits.
  • If a scarf is earthy or golden in tone, go with an autumn theme look.
  • Wearing scarves isn't limited to winter. For instance, people in cities often wear scarves year-round because the layers are perfect depending on whether they get too hot or too cold.

3  Keep your accessories simple. If you are wearing a silk scarf, try not to pair it with a loud hat or necklace. When you're wearing the scarf, you're already wearing a big accessory. Try something more subtle, like sunglasses or a headband, instead.
Decide which colors and fabrics go well with a particular scarf. Don't mix loud patterns (flannel, paisley, clashing silk fabric, etc.) with the silk scarf. Printed scarves are great, but try to avoid wearing shirts with prints that might clash with your scarf. Try to wear clothing that complements the scarf and your mood:
  • If it is a white scarf, do not wear a white V-Neck. If you aim to add color and contrast to your outfit, this may defeat the purpose of wearing the scarf.
  • If you feel lazy, wear a neutral color such as beige or black.
  • If you feel springy, wear a bright pink or blue cotton V-Neck to project your mood.

5  Consider popular ways that people wear silk scarves. Look around you for inspiration. Some styles are best suited to summer, and others to winter. Try these tips:

  • Knot it round the neck, loosen it up a little, and tuck it into a high-neck jumper for a fashion-forward undone look.
  • Use the scarf as a cover-up for your bathing suit around the pool or beach.
  • Pair the scarf with a leather jacket. Tie the scarf around your neck, then put on the jacket so that the scarf is peeking out of the top.
  • Use a silk scarf when you're wearing a skirt. Pair it with a solid-colored long-sleeve top. Wear it with nude-colored high heels to make you look elegant.
Consider finding a square scarf. While scarves come in multiple lengths and shapes, the shape of the square silk scarf is the most versatile.